About Us

Here is some information about our group and some thoughts our community members have shared.

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Mission & Vision


For spiritual, educational and support purposes as a Wiccan/Pagan Community. Offer a communal setting for members and to promote a healthy environment for mutual learning and equitable energy exchange. It is the purpose of this Community to support the greater community regardless of spiritual path or preference.

It is not the purpose of this organization to make money and it is not the purpose of this organization to provide services that cost money to members for free.


Willow Dragonstone Community (WDSC) was founded in 2015. This community will hold open sabbats and closed esbats (full moons) and closed community care meetings. Education classes, social events and special crafting events will be open for general attendance.

Giving Back


At all events, WDSC will collect can food items, canned and dry dog and cat food to donate to local food pantries, pagan families with a known need and/or animal shelters. It is one small way we can practice what we believe and present a positive view of pagans and Wiccans to the larger community.

If you should visit one of our open rituals or classes, please bring a donation!