If you have looked through the Who is WDSC?  and Who is DSFC? pages thoroughly and think Willow might be for you, please complete the following steps.

Join North Georgia Pagans (NGAP) Facebook Group

In 2018, Willow decided to slow down the number of new general members by going semi-private. To accommodate potential new general member candidates, Willow will host a Pagan Saturday Night (pagans, drums, singing, wine), hike, Pagan Crafting Circles (pagans, crafts-yarn, beads, fabric) or some other open fellowship once per quarter in order to provide new member candidates a way to interact with general members in Willow. The NGAP Facebook Group is a great way to interact with Willites and find out what might be going on and when.

In order to attend Sabbats you must join this website as a guest which will give you access to the Calendar and open events including all social events. 

Browse the Willow Calendar

Our new calendar is a great way to see what events are forth coming. You can subscribe the calendar by clicking this link [if this is possible new window and let them sign up for open event notifications]. You will be notified in advance of open events.

Read These Pages

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SEEKER BILL OF RIGHTS [link new window internal page]  

RITUAL ETTIQUETT [link new window internal page]

RITUAL ETTIQUET WITH CHILDREN [link new window internal page]

BIG 5 [link new window internal page]



Willow Dragonstone Community & Coven, Inc. does not require dues and may ask participants to help off set actual costs of rituals, classes or events. Willow further collects canned goods at all classes, Sabbats and moons for the purpose of:

  1. Feeding persons in or close to Willow who may need extra assistance
  2. Feeding persons in the greater pagan community who may need extra assistance
  3. Give as a donation to interfaith food banks excess food for distribution or use to feed those in need.

The collection of canned goods is a suggestion and is NOT mandatory.


Willow keeps all information received confidential and will not sell any lists, emails or information to third parties for advertising purposes. Further Willow holds member candidates and general members’ participation as one sealed by the sacrament of the coven and will neither confirm nor deny the participation of individual persons in our community or coven.

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We are building community and to that end feel that clear expectations of our members should be made up front. Please initial [we need them to initial each one] each section below that you have read and understand our expectations. (required)


No Illegal Drugs
If you bring illegal drugs to any event that Willow is participating in an official capacity, The authorities may be called, you may be referred to the proper facility for drug treatment, you will be asked to leave the event and will endure a ban in accordance to Willow’s By-Laws.

Willow typically does not serve alcohol during ritual. Willow encourages alcohol in moderation at camping events or social occasions. Willow likes to have fun! Alcohol consumption before ritual is discouraged. If you come for ritual intoxicated, you may be referred to the proper facility for drug treatment, you will be asked to leave the event and will endure a ban in accordance to Willow’s By-Laws.

Willow does not and will not participate or hold sexual inhibitions, rites, or rituals. Further Willow does not participate or hold skyclad initiations, rites or rituals. Willow believes that what our general members or member candidates do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is their business. It is only the business of WDSC when it is disruptive and/or harmful to the group. Willow, according to the By-Laws, does not tolerate child abusers, molesters, and persons convicted of sexual assault in our midst. If that conduct comes to our attention, the proper authorities will be notified. The person in question will be put out of the group. This includes previous convictions for the same.

Willow does not permit violence or threats of violence to our general members or other participants of our group. Willow takes each incident on a case-by-case basis. If appropriate the proper authorities will be notified. Threats of terrorism against state or federal facilities or threats to commit suicide or physical harm others are taken seriously in Willow. Willow has a policy to report and act upon these threats by contacting authorities or having the person committed to the proper institution.  

Verbal Maliciousness
GOSSIP! Community is built on perfect love and perfect trust. Whenever feasible gossip should be avoided. Member Candidates and General Members will never deliberately put a member of the Willow community or someone who attends WDSC events, “out of the broom closet” or expose them to scrutiny via the world wide web. Further pictures are discouraged at WDSC events and will only be posted by WDSC when they include persons who are not in the broom closet OR do not have any persons in the pictures. Pictures are taken to keep for Willow’s private use

Indemnify & Hold Harmless

By completing this form you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless WDSC and its officers, priests, priestesses, clergy members and agents from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from injury and/or property loss sustained during the participation of classes, events, Sabbat, Moons or any other events, held by WDSC on private property. Willow events are participate at your own risk events.


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Willow can’t wait to meet you. And we were wondering – did you really read these pages? If not you should educate yourself right now!

SEEKER BILL OF RIGHTS [link new window internal page hopefully a button]  

RITUAL ETTIQUETT [link new window internal page hopefully a button]

RITUAL ETTIQUET WITH CHILDREN [link new window internal page hopefully a button]

BIG 5 [link new window internal page hopefully a button]


Don’t forget to browse the

Willow Calendar [link]

and see what open events are coming up!