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  1. Membership with WDSC is defined as a person who has initiated into WDSC.
  2. An initiate has gone through the Initiation Ritual on the Full Moon nearest Imbolc
  3. Members have one vote in regards to Community Matters.
  4. Members give WDSC monetary support either by bringing contributions regularly to Community events and/or one can good per Community event.
  5. Members actively contribute to rituals with participation and as directed by the Ritualista or Ritual Master.
  6. Members actively serve on a Point of Service.


Before a person is initiated (considered a member) they are considered a Dedicate. All dedicates must be Sponsored for at least three months prior to initiation and then for one year after initiation. The sponsor has the following responsibilities to the dedicate and WDSC:

  1. Sponsors have the responsibility to provide The Book of Knowledge to the dedicate and to ensure that they have read and are familiar with BoK.
  2. Sponsors are responsible to WDSC to ensure that the behavior of the dedicate is  well within the acceptable limits expected by initiated members of WDSC.
  3. Sponsors are responsible to guide the dedicate through the process of initiation. Ensuring that they are familiar with BoK and they are prepared for ritual experiences and interaction with Community members.
  4. Sponsors are responsible to help guide dedicates through the process of conflict resolution within WDSC.
  5. Sponsors are loaning to the dedicate their good judgment and character until the dedicate can establish their own. Therefore, sponsors can be held responsible for directly intervening with a dedicate should their behavior lead WDSC to dismiss a dedicate or take behavior modification actions against a dedicate. This should encourage all sponsors to ensure that they are confident the dedicate will be a good fit for WDSC before they agree to sponsor them.


Dedicates are initiated into WDSC once per year at the Full Moon closest to Imbolc. They must have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Been sponsored for at least three months prior to initiation.
  2. Must have a majority vote in favor of their initiation in order to be initiated. Voting will be in accordance to By-Laws regarding all voting for WDSC
  3. Must be sponsored for at least one year after being initiated.
  4. After one year, it is expected by WDSC that the initiate will be responsible and capable to sponsor other dedicates.


Although WDSC wants to be as child friendly as possible, WDSC wants to offer spiritual development and growth for adults. In order to achieve this, WDSC has the following guidelines regarding children:

  1. Children who cannot talk and are still nursing, are encouraged to attend with the mother they are nursing with. WDSC requests, however, that the mother be sensitive to the spiritual growth and development of dedicates and initiations of WDSC. If the child is too sick or too fussy to continue to be in Community meetings, rituals or events then the mother attend to the child’s needs and remove the child from the situation.
  2. Children who can talk, walk and are no longer nursing, are encourage to be left with baby sitters. The Children’s Grove Point of Service is responsible for helping families find babysitters or to coordinate one babysitter to oversee all babysitting needs.
  3. For some Sabbat events, The Children’s Grove will help to provide family friendly experiences where children are welcome to participate. These events will try to strike a balance between spiritual development for adults and education for children.
  4. The Children’s Grove will further support families in WDSC by providing information for family friendly activities Family Covens can do at home in support of the Sabbats and for the purposes of educating children associated with the Community.
  5. The Children’s Grove will monitor children associated with the Community and suggest Spiral Scouts as an alternative event for children only if there are enough children who want to participate. The Children’s Grove will also coordinate volunteers to help run Spiral Scouts.
  6. Dedicates who have children will be asked to read Gathering Etiquette for Children written by Lydia M N Crabtree. Dedicates will be asked to consider the etiquette techniques in this article and apply them to Community situations.