Who Is WDSC?

Background                    Objectives                Inner/Outer Circle Structure            Consistent Participation

Simple Rules              Agreement with Willow’s Statement of Values & Definition Of Paganism

In 1998…

Lady Adialawyddan Dragonstone (aka Lydia M N Crabtree; hereafter known as Dia) began her path formally toward become a pagan minister. Dia would work with her new consort, Lord Eochair Dragonstone (hereafter known as Tony) in a Welsh Celtic Tradition. She would make various stops along the way experimenting with Reclaiming Tradition and others. Eventually, fed up with politics of traditional groups she would retreat into her Family Coven and write Family Coven: Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft

Dia would define Family Coven as a group of persons who bind together to provide the necessities of daily living (food, shelter, water), emotional and mental grounding for development (education, love, acceptance) AND spiritual initiation for spiritual development (this initiation is defined as Handfasting, adoption, birth, The Great Rite and/or any ritual that develops spiritual, mental, emotional and physical connections among family coveners.). Additionally, Tony and Dia came to believe that not all magical, pagan practitioners wanted to become a High Priest or High Priestess.

In 2003 Dia went to see a doctor and found Sassafras running the front desk. Sassafras and Dia began a friendship that would span a decade before Nancy would formally ask to be taught and brought into the ministry of paganism. Sassafras would eventually approach Dia and declare that she was going to start a group, with or without her. Simultaneously, Renata Burnham and the owner of Simple Strands, had been encouraging Dia to start a training coven, something Dia had rejected for several years.

In 2012…..

Carie Campbell Firman who had been part of a formal group that was identifying itself as Gardenarian, and Robin Powell a solitary practicioner. Carie and Robin began to work on their Book of Shadows together and became close friends and craft sisters. At a Meet and Greet in Perry, GA they met Nancy who was looking to establish a working pagan group.

These three asked Dia to come down and discuss this with her. Carrie, Nancy and Dia did ritual that would set the intent for what would eventually become Willow Dragonstone Community & Coven, Inc.

In 2014……

A Birthing Community Ritual and Dedication occurred. This ritual concluded a year of work around developing and establishing Willow Dragonstone Community & Coven, Inc., as a functioning group.


Carie, Dia and Nancy got together to draw to WDSC a specific energy. It was done with the intent of creating a space for spiritual, emotional, and mental development of persons whose paths were Wiccan, Pagan or Earthcentric in orientation. During the magic that was worked in the ritual the three performed, the following parameters for WDSC was laid out.

No physical or emotional manipulation

WDSC is not a place to pick up sexual partners or to utilize sex as a power play to emotionally manipulate others. Additionally, emotional manipulation through guilt, passive aggressive behavior or other destructive techniques have no place in a group based on perfect love and perfect trust.

Males and Females are Encouraged

WDSC acknowledges the Divine energy within men and women. Sexual orientation and gender association was also deemed as a non-issue for the developing group. Whether a person is gay, straight, bi-sexual or transgendered, WDSC strives to be a place of spiritual growth and development. Further WDSC recognizes Divine energy is full of polarity that has traditionally been defined as femaleness and maleness. However, WDSC declares that each individual has both of these polarities inside of them regardless of their physical gender manifestation.

Equal Energy Exchange

WDSC believes that if you are going to participate in a Community there must be an equity of energy exchange. General Members (persons who have dedicated to WDSC in ritual) need to give as much as they receive and receive as much as they give. WDSC is not a Community for lurkers. It is a Community for participators, doers, people who want to be a part of Community.

Place for True Seekers

WDSC is the place for true seekers who are looking to grow and develop, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is a place where persons are driven to become more than they are. Persons who are driven, through compassionate love and loyalty, to help others do the same. Judgment has no place in WDSC. Laziness has no place in WDSC. Selfishness has no place in WDSC. Condescension has no place in WDSC. We aren’t a social club; although we love to meet socially and have fun. We are a place of growth and development.

Avoid Cliques

When groups grow beyond two or three persons, it is easy for subgroups to develop. This cliquish behavior can hinder the goal of group mindedness. When candidates are sponsored for General Membership into WDSC, candidates are encouraged to go out of their way to get to know different members. There should be an overwhelming attitude that every dedicated person, indeed, every general member is as important as any other regardless of length of time within WDSC; regardless of whether or not they have achieved or are achieving  college degrees, Wiccan degrees or any other type of “education” that some may perceive as a mechanism that allows someone to see themselves as more or better than others.  Arrogance has no place in WDSC. A house divided cannot stand, so all dedicate need to watch closely and ensure that cliques don’t develop. Cliques can be a breeding ground for discontent, gossip and drama. Further cliques inside a group can create opposing energies that can wreak havoc on the group as a whole.

Drama Free Zone

In order to avoid drama, WDSC has instituted a few guidelines for guests, candidates for general membership and general members.

  1. What happens in Community Meetings between candidates, dedicates or general members of WDSC and the supporting inner circle, Dragonstone Family Coven (DSFC) stays within the group.
  2. Rituals and all events are sacred. What happens in those places stays in those places.
  3. If someone approaches candidates or general members and tries to gossip about the group or individual members, they should refer the person to seek resolution with the person the gossip is about. If they claim to have done so and haven’t found satisfaction, they can go through the Mediation Protocol.  If the Mediation Protocol fails to find resolution for the general member or person in question, they are asked to leave WDSC with dignity and honor.
  4. If a person outside of WDSC has questions or gossip for WDSC, they should be referred to Dia or Tony or the Media Contact Page.
  5. Persons who are found to be sowing discontent, gossip or malicious energy may find themselves being put out of WDSC and/or DSFC.

Consistent Participation of Initiates and Dedicates

Only through consistent participation is equal energy exchange achieved, cliques avoided and sacred space created for growth and development.

Inner Outer Circle Structure

WDSC is considered to be an Inner/Outer Structure pagan church. This means there is a group with general members that allows guests to attend Sabbat celebrations with a minor vetting process. Providing open sabbat events was one of the founding principles of WDSC. Guests can attend Full Moon workings by token invitation.

This outer circle, commonly called Willow, is run by a Council of elected persons who take care of the business required for a group such as this. This seven person council is made up of a Scribe, Treasurer, Maiden, Summoner, Chalice Officer, Kitchen Witch and one Inner Circle member. Any General Member can hold the offices of Scribe, Treasurer, Maiden, Summoner, and Kitchen Witch who serve for one year. The Inner Circle member is a quarterly rotating position shared by all Inner Circle Members. The Chalice officer is a reliable person who must receive the approval of the HP and HPS of Dragonstone Family Coven. The Chalice Officer ensures that all the needs of the community (help when sick, babysitting needs, food needs, ect.) and the larger community) are met.  Decisions made by the Council must be approved by all general membership through a simple majority of those who cast a vote either by electronic ballot or physical voting.

The Inner Circle of WDSC is Dragonstone Family Coven and is led by Lady Adialawyddan Dragonstone (Lady Dia aka Lydia M N Crabtree) and Lord Eochair Dragonstone (Tony Crabtree). You must be invited to become a member of DSFC, have completed the WDSC 1st Degree Program, have completed additional work assigned by DSFC and be accepted in a unanimous decision of all DSFCers to join. Joining DSFC is a signal to the gods and goddesses or Divinity as you understand, that you are going to become a High Priest or High Priestess and learn how to become a successful minister. Therefore, it is not expected that everyone in the Outer Circle will have a desire to join the Inner Circle. It is a path of great self sacrifice and humility and shouldn’t be undertaken on a whim without serious consideration.

Simple Rules that Universally Apply

Currently the By-Laws of WDSC are being overhauled to better manifest this original idea. The By-Laws should be simple and universally applied to Inner Circle and Outer Circle members.

Statement of Willow’s Values & Definition of Paganism

After Willow had been around for about two years, the question of what Willow means by paganism and what Willow’s core values were was posed.  A Statement of Values was created to clarify this issue. It was determined that:

  1. Willow will define pagan as any person who seeks spirituality outside of the Abrahamic Religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and reflecting these core beliefs.
    1. A reverence and/or veneration of nature.
    2. A recognition that the Divinity has many expressions including gender and forms
    3. A belief that magic (change) is real and by the force of our wills we can manifest change in our lives and the greater world, society and universe.
    4. An understanding that pagan religions are not about conversion but about individual spiritual exploration that has no room for a dogma of belief or practice.
  2. Persons who join Willow as a guest or general member must have an acceptance and expectation of inclusion for the diversity of people who are spiritually called to worship in community. This includes all genders, sexual orientations, any sexual proclivities that are legal and consensual, races, ethnicity, relationship make-ups, ages and familial presentations.
  3. Persons who join Willow as a guest or general member will have a positive ethical and moral compass that encourages empowerment of individuals to find, activate, and communicate from the place where they are their very best selves.
  4. Persons who join Willow as a guest or general member will create a safe environment by refusing to permit a culture of consensus toward violence and violation in word and deed.
  5. Persons who join Willow as a guest or general member accept responsibility to educate the greater community on the widely accepted tenants of modern paganism and present as many different expressions of the pagan path as WDSC has opportunity to.