Renata Maria Burnham

02/15/1939 to 04/06/2017

Known in Magickal Circls and Places  as

Lady Siobhan

lesbian, druid, pagan, witch, rune mistress, heavy drinker, accomplished tarot reader, heavy vapor, pagan-Wiccan Elder, occasional pothead, partner, friend and one of the Mighty Dead 


The spiritual Ancestors of a pagan/Wiccan community are as sacred as familial ancestors are to many. These Spiritual Ancestors are often called the Mighty Dead. Persons whose spiritual, intellectual, and/or emotional influences have shaped the energetic essence of a coven or community. Willow is humbled, honored and up to the task of acknowledging Lady Siobhan as Willow’s first Mighty Dead.

Lady Siobhan, René, Renata Maria Burnham, is Willow Dragonstone Community & Coven’s very first Mighty Dead. I know she has not and will not leave us. Her conviction of a space that is safe and welcoming across the often-divisive lines of philosophy and dogmatic beliefs that can be present in paganism today, continues to resonate anew in those who stumble into Willow and join us at the table of commonality. Her beliefs of hard drink and good German beer, can be felt when Willow travels to festivals or has drumming nights. Her unwavering belief in the gods and goddesses, the power of the tarot, the power of the runes, and the power inside each of us will steel our back bones and our resolve.

And when we turned to the West and shout in an equal voice –


It is Renata’s strong sure voice that will shout back –


An Ebay store dedicated to offsetting costs of Renata’s medical expenses, care, and passing is live. You can buy all manner of items, great and small, that represent the accumulation of a lifetime as a witch. 



Paganism and Wicca are the fastest growing religious section in the United States and encompasses all types of earth centric practices.


When attending public ritual there are a few important things for you to be aware of. This is a great article if you have never been to an open ritual or if you are interested in attending an open ritual.

About Us

Here is some information about our group and some thoughts our community members have shared.

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Having been outside of community for so long, it is nice to come back to a place and time where I can celebrate the turning wheel with more than just my immediate family.

Rev. Lydia M N Crabtree

Mission & Vision

For spiritual, educational and support purposes as a Wiccan/Pagan Community. Offer a communal setting for members and to promote a healthy environment for mutual learning and equitable energy exchange, while creating a healthy Community environment. It is the purpose of this Community to support the greater community regardless of spiritual path or preference.

It is not the purpose of this organization to make money and it is not the purpose of this organization to provide services that cost money to members for free. It is not the purpose of this organization to create a degree system and produce High Priests or High Priestesses or Pagan Clergy.

Willow Dragonstone Community (WDSC) is in it’s Founding Year until the Full Moon nearest Imbolg 2014. During this time this list is comprised of persons who have completed an official application, agreed to the By Laws and signed a receipt page for the Book of Knowledge. The Application and part of the Book of Knowledge can be found on the membershippage. At our Founding Moon in 2014, this community will hold open sabbats and closed esbats (full moon) and closed community care meetings. Education classes will be open for general attendance during the founding year and after the Founding Moon. After Imbolg 2014, Initiates will have to stay in WDSC by meeting the requirements for Initiates.
Giving Back

At all events, WDSC will collect can food items, canned and dry dog and cat food to donate to local food pantries, pagan families with a known need and/or animal shelters. It is one small way we can practice what we believe and present a positive view of pagans and Wiccans to the larger community.

If you should visit one of our open rituals or classes, please bring a donation!

What Jessica says

Here I feel at home. Here I feel at peace even without the house this family helps put  me at ease. This is my chosen family though at times i feel as if it was they who chose me. Without their love and support I don’t know where i would be. Here at Willow Dragonstone you are always loved, never worry about fitting in. Here you are so special you are really just like kin. Learning and growing both as a person and as a group, part of some thing bigger a piece of our never ending loop. So join us here bring your heart full of laughter and smile bright, help make the world a little better,  help us cleanse the darkness of this world with our knowledge our hearts full  love and light.

Jessica Mortimer; 6/21/2013

What Becky says

I have been a solitary practitioner for the majority of my life.  So, I didn’t know what to expect when i joined the Willow Dragonstone Community and I will admit to some trepidation.  However, I was delighted to find myself in the company of some of the most friendly and accepting people I’ve ever known.  The members of WDSC are always there with a helping hand or a bit of good energy when you need it, and the rituals are fun and educational.  WDSC has become an integral part of my life and I couldn’t be any happier about that.”

Becky Abbott; 7/30/2013

Event Rules

May all who enter here

Come in perfect love and perfect trust.

Be welcome! Please leave your love donation of $2.00 to $5.00 per adult in the appropriated jar on the altar and/or your canned or dry good donation (for humans or animals) in the appropriate box.

Upon entry to any WDSC event, you are agreeing by your presence to the following rules:

  1. Enter the property at your own risk. Participate at your own risk. The property and Willow Dragonstone Community are not responsible for damage to property or to person.
  2. No illegal drugs are allowed to any event hosted by  Holistic Wellness Events & Services and/or Willow Dragonstone Community. We are not afraid of encouraging police intervention.
  3. Alcohol is not served during cakes and ale. Consumption of alcohol before ritual is discourage. Anyone who becomes drunk at a Willow Dragonstone Event will not be invited to return.
  4. Please refrain from hitting on persons attending Willow Dragonstone Community events. WDSC practices touch by consent.
  5. There is no violence permitted at Willow Dragonstone Community events. Violent actions will be met by police intervention. Violent threats will be met by the person no longer being invited to future events.
  6. Please refrain from gossiping about those who attend events and those in the greater community who do not! Gossip destroys communities. We are trying to build community.
  7. Leave the land better than you found it! Pick up your own trash and any other that you see. Pitch in, help out, be a part of community not just at an event.

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